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It’s time to expand your horizons and make your mark in a new world.

We’re global, so we have opportunities all over the world, across all of our key areas. Whichever one you choose, you’ll find an open and collaborative environment where you’ll be given specialist support, outstanding training and every opportunity to progress.

After all, you’re our future so it’s only natural that we want you to be the best you can be. Welcome to BNP Paribas CIB.

Our opportunities

Explore a wealth of opportunities for talented graduates and forward-thinking students.

Spring Insight

Explore the landscape at BNP Paribas – for first-year undergraduates.

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Find your way in our world with a Summer or Long-term internship.

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Choose from a range of programmes to help you make your mark.

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Events that inspire you

As much as we love being on campus and meeting students in person, we had to change our approach to events over the last year.

At such a challenging time, we were delighted to host over 42 themed, virtual events; the hero being our ‘Sustainable Finance & All That Jazz’ event. In addition to live talks on one of the fastest-growing markets in global banking, students were treated to a live jazz performance by keyboard wizard, Laurent Coulondre, who was sponsored by the BNP Paribas Foundation early in his career.


This year, we’ve put together a choice of inspirational virtual events, focused on opportunity, sustainability and diversity. So, in addition to our familiar ‘Drop-in Sessions’ and ‘Coffee Chats’, you can look forward to ‘Our World. Your Future’, ‘Achieving Sustainable Goals Together’, ‘Proud to be B.L.A.C.K’ and our women in banking event, ‘Be the Change’. All designed to get you ahead and give you a real feel for what makes us who we are: the bank for your changing world.

For more details and to book your places, check out our events page.

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More for you

While the above programmes represent our core offering, what really sets us apart is the added extras we offer students and graduates throughout the year.

Women in Global Markets (WIGM)

Put simply, we think there should be more women in banking. That’s why we host a number of WIGM networking events throughout the year. Come along to hear directly from some of the women who are excelling within our Global Markets team. You can register to attend via our events page, which is automatically updated with upcoming dates and locations.

Exciting opportunities in the Nordics

Already well on our way to establishing the bank as a global leader in Sustainable Finance, our focus now turns towards the Nordic Region. With around 900 employees across CIB, Personal Finances, Factor, Arval, Leasing Solutions and Cardiff, we’re proud to be the international bank with the largest footprint in the Nordics. However, with the intention of expanding further, Our Nordic Global Markets team is now seeking talented, ambitious graduates, who have a keen interest in financial markets and share our passion for sustainability. While the roles are based in Stockholm, successful candidates will also get the opportunity to visit and work with our London, Paris and Copenhagen teams. Visit our graduates programme page for more information.

Opportunities in APAC

The continued growth and success of BNP Paribas in Asia Pacific depends on attracting the people we need to see it through – we believe that the key to our development is in enabling yours.

BNP Paribas’ Global Markets offers consistent client service and innovative solutions for investment, hedging and financing opportunities across asset classes and geographies, research and market intelligence to help our clients make strategic decisions. Join the Global Markets Graduate Programme, which is designed to equip you with the technical and personal skills that will help you embark on a successful career with us.

Visit our Careers Website to learn more: 2022 APAC Graduate Programme – Global Markets

Discovery Days

As the name suggests, our Discovery Days have been put together for students to discover whether a career in banking is the way forward. The days are held between February and May every year, and are for year 12 and 13 students, regardless of your academic background. You can look forward to practical workshops, talks from business leaders and some essential guidance on writing effective CVs. On top of that, you’ll get to tour our trading floors and get the inside track from some of our most recent graduates. Check our events page for details and to register.



Once you’ve made the decision to apply, we want to make sure you fly through the application process. So, we’ve provided some hints and tips to help you do just that.



Get the inside story from those who have benefitted from our choice of early career opportunities.

Our business areas

We have a variety of opportunities across all of our key business areas. Take a look below to find the one that’ll help put you on the map.

Providing market-leading solutions globally

What we do

Our Global Markets team works with a variety of clients, including governments, multinationals, private banks and global institutions. From hedging and financing opportunities across every asset class, to research and market intelligence, our clients rely on us to develop and deliver market-leading solutions and impeccable service as standard.

You’ll join one of our six key streams (detailed below) and will thrive learning and working in a collaborative environment, which is integral to the team’s ongoing success. In addition to your chosen stream, you’ll also get to experience one of the other streams, thanks to the rotational nature of the programme.

Our key streams

Cross Stream
A great opportunity to learn about a variety of products, clients and markets while working in three different areas of Global Markets across any of the following streams: Trading, Structuring, Sales, Primary and Markets 360.

Markets 360
Conduct analysis of a wide variety of economies and financial markets across the globe, while simultaneously reporting on key political developments. Guided by a team of Global Markets experts, the opportunity to develop new research and modelling tools will help you thrive.

Support Debt Capital Markets (DCM) Marketers in developing client presentations, conducting data analysis on new issues, credit analysis on target clients and preparing market updates. In doing so, you’ll gain exposure across a range of Primary desks and a rich variety of clients.

Analyse opportunities, produce research and market analysis and develop market commentary for internal and external distribution. Sales represents a brilliant opportunity to join a successful and highly motivated team that works with a global client base across the widest range of assets.

Design, price and market derivatives working alongside a team of global specialists. You’ll be responsible for creating innovative products and ideas suited to market conditions and clients’ needs, as well as contributing to the ongoing digitalisation of our platform.

Gain an in-depth understanding of market dynamics, as you’ll be part of a team trading a comprehensive range of asset classes on every index, every exchange and every market worldwide. As well as getting involved in trading execution and short-term risk management, you’ll also get to hone your trading report development skills.

Where you can work

London is home to our Global Markets’ headquarters. Additionally, we also have trading hubs across the world, including Brussels, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Sāo Paulo, Singapore and Tokyo.

Tailoring leading solutions for our long-term global partners

What we do

Our Global Banking team are experts at providing a broad range of tailored financing solutions, including classic lending products, specialised financing and transaction banking, to our clients around the world. With rotations across the two main areas within Global Banking (Capital Markets (including for example Debt Markets, Corporate Broking and Equity Capital Markets) and Corporate Clients Group (including for example UK Coverage and Advisory), you’ll gain the experience, skills and confidence to build long-term partnerships with governments, multinationals and financial institutions, enabling us to continue providing the products and services to meet their specific needs.

Where you can work

We have a team of almost 2,000 employees serving clients all across Europe, including Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. Our European operations include three specialist platforms in Brussels, Paris and Geneva.

We also have a presence in the Americas, with 300 corporate bankers operating from integrated hubs in New York and Sāo Paulo, with expert support in seven additional offices throughout North and South America. Additionally, with 25 trade centres and corporate banking experts in 12 countries across Asia, we’re one of the best-placed international banks in this region too.

Taking care of the important things

What we do

Maintaining the highest standards of business and ethical integrity is critical to the success of our business, and our compliance team play a key role ensuring we do so at all times. In addition to working to protect the bank against breaches of codes, regulations, procedures, laws and ethics, they play a crucial advisory role and provide effective internal control frameworks that help protect our assets and reputation globally.

From learning how to set up a compliance review and collating your findings to ensure effective implementation of your recommendations, to discovering the best way to work with new data protection laws and ensuring our investors receive an unrivalled service, you’ll build an expert understanding of the end-to-end compliance review journey. Specifically, on any given day you could be monitoring e-comms and reporting your findings, managing the new certification process or partnering with other teams to build your understanding of monitoring payment processes.

With an ever-increasing focus on conduct and control in business, it’s a great time to join this extremely varied programme and develop a career as a confident Compliance professional.

Where you can work

We currently employ over 380 Compliance professionals worldwide, particularly in Europe, the US and Asia.

At the heart of our business

What we do

The RISK department aims at being a partner of the businesses by contributing to their sustainable development, but also a gatekeeper to ensure risks taken remain compatible with the Group’s Risk Appetite and its strategy. The RISK function is independent, reporting directly to the CEO and Group Board and hence acts as a second line of defence for the Group.

Our risk management function (“RISK”) is recognised in the industry as being first tier. Our main missions comprise:

  • To advise the Bank on risk appetite definition; credit risk, counterparty risk, market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, cyber risk…
  • To contribute as an objective “second pair of eyes” that risks taken on by the Bank align with its policies through analysis, valuation and documentation.
  • To measure, report and alert bank management of the status of risks to which the bank is exposed.


The RISK function comprises a number of global business facing teams (such as experts setting credit lines or approving transactions) and is supported by global transversal teams (such as those who develop capital and exposure methodology, define and manage risk appetite, manage risk systems, operational & cyber risk and handle global risk analysis and reporting). Staff working for the majority of these global teams are present in the UK along with some UK specific teams working, for example, on data protection, on our own controls and UK regulatory risk and strategy.

Amongst the various RISK teams, the following two groups have available graduate positions for 2020:

Risk Global Markets (RISK GM)
RISK Global Markets is responsible for the monitoring of market, liquidity and counterparty risks of the BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) perimeter. RISK GM helps the Group senior management, the RISK Function and Global Markets to make the best choices by anticipating on events and finding the right balance between profitability and long term protection of the Bank. Typical duties comprise:

  • To proactively identify, analyse and review market and counterparty risk exposures
  • To actively contribute to the definition of official market and counterparty risk policies
  • To acquire a solid understanding of a wide range of complex transactions across all types of asset classes (Credit, Interest rate, FX, Repo, Equity, Commodity)
  • To contribute to the valuation process and the valuation risk monitoring
  • To gain awareness and participate in the Bank’s transversal strategic projects

Systems InteGrated Methods and Analytics (SIGMA)
SIGMA is the quantitative modelling team with overall responsibility for market and counterparty credit risk models within BNP Paribas. Working in SIGMA, you can expect:

  • To gain experience in quantitative finance modelling and derivative pricing models, including for quantification of market and counterparty risk;
  • To have exposure to different asset classes: interest rates, inflation, foreign exchange, equity, commodities, credit and repos;
  • To develop skills in the design and implementation of quantitative models using various programming languages such as C# and Python;
  • To learn from experienced quantitative risk professionals within a large team with a flat hierarchical structure.

Where you can work

We employ over 5000 employees worldwide, with our RISK GM team present in 14 locations across Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC) and Americas. Our RISK SIGMA team also operates in several locations, including London, Paris, Lisbon, Brussels and New York.

Developing innovative solutions to rapidly evolving requirements

What we do

The technology teams work broadly across everything that is covered by the bank – providing innovative, yet reliable solutions to whatever the problem that needs tackling. In the age of digitalisation and with a wide user base – the large scale of focus is about reducing latency, improving quality and analysing metrics to spot the improvement opportunities at every point of the chain.
For the most part, we work with in-house applications that are bespoke for the needs of our trading teams across every asset class. These vary in scope and size but cover every part of the trade life cycle from pricing to booking, risk computation and beyond. You’ll typically find yourself in one of the following roles:

  • Business Analyst (BA)
    The function of a business analyst is predominantly focussed on the concept of project management. Whilst there is the opportunity to work on complex system migrations or creating new functionality, the role involves working with the end user to understand what improvements they want from the system and building this up into technical expectation based on careful analysis of what is feasible. You will then work with the development teams to ensure it’s built to specification and right through to ensuring that support teams are ready to look after it.
  • Developer (DEV)
    As a developer you’ll be tasked with implementing the requirements set out by end users (via the Business Analyst gathering of them). Whilst our development teams generally follow the agile methods of working, there is a large range of technologies across the various applications and asset classes we cover from databases to programming languages in the full stack (don’t worry about not being a technical expert on day one)!
  • Support (APS)
  • The application support function is a crucial cog in the day to day running of the bank. The job encompasses everything from working with end users to resolve their issues in real time, deployments of new releases, new hardware integration through to managing the capacity and live monitoring of what’s happening to pro-actively fix any issues that may occur.

Where you can work

Whilst the role starts out in London, given the global nature of our applications there is often opportunities to expand your horizons; we have an IT base in many a city across Asia, Europe and the Americas.