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We’re planning on you playing a key role in our future successes, so have everything in place to make sure you’re ready.

Early responsibility, outstanding training and ongoing guidance from a team of award-winning specialists is the minimum you can expect. You see, we know your potential and we’re committed to helping you fulfil it.


No matter what you studied at university, the fact you successfully completed your degree to a high standard shows you’ve got potential. Our Graduate Programme has been designed to help you fulfil it.

You can choose to train as an Analyst in any of our main business areas, including Global Markets, Global Banking, Compliance, Risk or try one of our functional roles.  While our non-rotational programmes give you a chance to specialise right from the start, our rotational programmes enable you to develop an understanding across different areas of your specialism.

The programme kicks off with a dedicated off-site induction initiative to help get you up to speed. This will give you the opportunity to start building relationships and personal support networks early. You’ll also be provided with some essentials, including an overview of the current challenges and opportunities facing our industry, and a clear understanding of where your role fits into our business.

Depending on your chosen business area, you may also receive extra training to help you prepare for industry examinations before you start your role. In short, the Graduate Induction will ensure you’re ready to hit the desk running, confident enough to make real contributions from day one. You’ll be welcomed as a valuable team member and will enjoy direct contact not just with your peers, but with senior members of staff throughout the business too.

Our Graduate Programme is popular, competitive and intellectually demanding. So, while the subject of your degree will not be a game changer, your strong academic background and confident analytical skills will put you in an excellent position to secure a place.

We’re looking for spark and real determination too; people who will drive their own development and take every opportunity that comes their way to learn. Team spirit and working collaboratively with others are also essential traits that we look for.

Finally, as you’ll be expected to contribute from the day you join us, it’s important that you know what you want to do before you apply. So, have a good think about your skillset and where it would fit best in our organisation.

We consider diversity as integral to our ongoing success, particularly diversity of thought. So, while Mathematics, Finance, Economics, Science, Engineering and Computer Science are the most relevant subjects, we also welcome graduates who have studied a wide range of alternative subjects.

  • A strong degree in any subject – 2.1 minimum (or equivalent)
  • Analytical skills and mathematical aptitude
  • Determination and an inquisitive mind-set
  • A collaborative outlook


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