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Sustainable Finance/

Change for a better world

Sustainable finance is at the very heart of our business. But what does this mean?

It means working together to make a positive difference through our actions, using our progressive thinking to push sustainable practices that touch the world around us and the people in it.

We approach sustainable finance through three areas:

Prioritising a lower carbon economy

"For over a decade, we've prioritised turning the whole business to a low carbon economy, completely shifting the way we do business."

Today, we’re proud to have gone beyond our commitment to being a signatory of the Net Zero Banking Alliaimnce, with our whole business now aligned towards transition. We’ve achieved this through stategic investments, innovative solutions and progressive sector policies to drive positive environmental and social imact.

Our ambition in this area has also guided our Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) division to stop providing any new financing of oil and gas production.

Seeking innovation in investment

"To be sustainable across all sectors and products we operate in and provide, we drive our finance to where it's needed most."

The constant need for our business to source funding for green projects with a world-wide impact means new products are needed, with sustainable loans to support them.

To date, our CIB divisions have dedicated £350 billion to sustainable loans and bonds by 2025, where pre-agreed environmental, social and governance targets must be met by the borrower, enhancing their sustainability performance.

Raising awareness of social impact

"We work towards a fair world, addressing the inequalities in it."

We address the socila impact of our actions through our global philanthropic work led by The BNP Paribas Foundation who support and grow the talent, project and personalities helping to hcange teh world through these three areas:

  • Culture - Promoting contemporary creativity for individual and social developments
  • Solidarity - Fighting social exclusion and its causes in disadvanged neighbourhoods
  • Environment - Support scientific research on climate change

We’ve also partnered with UN Young Leader and artist AY Young, a musician and Sustainable Development Goals (SDH) Fund Ambassador who uses the power of renewable energy and music to support communities with clean energy access, bringing people together to act on SDGs